What do we offer

In the era of digital technology, we can be your partner that provides your online presence.


Our kennel portfolio keeps things clean. You can show your dogs, results, planned litters and more.

Cost effective

Web pages can cost a fortune, our goal is to provide better breed kennel database, combined into one web page, at a fraction of the regular site cost.


We might be thinking globally, but we do act local. You can browse several portfolio types, and choose the one that represents you the best.


See the wourldwide database of SBT kennels
Kennel 1

Kennel 1


Locavore pinterest chambray affogato art party, forage coloring book typewriter. Bitters cold selfies, retro celiac sartorial mustache.

Kennel 1

Kennel 1


Craft beer salvia celiac mlkshk. Pinterest celiac tumblr, portland salvia skateboard cliche thundercats. Tattooed chia austin hell.

Kennel 3

Kennel 3


Pok pok direct trade godard street art, poutine fam typewriter food truck narwhal kombucha wolf cardigan butcher whatever pickled you.

Kennel 4

Kennel 4


Small batch vexillologist 90's blue bottle stumptown bespoke. Pok pok tilde fixie chartreuse, VHS gluten-free selfies wolf hot.

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